Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Recieved This All Through Text

Well, it was right after I left the Verizon store I was investigating because I wanted to see what my new workplace was gunna be like. I'm just pulling out of this massive shopping center and thinking yo I shoul really look around and see what's good to eat around here, cuz I'll need a few good lunch spots to choose from. Then, come to think of it, I'm hungry right now, fuck making food at home, I just got paaaiiiiid nigga, where's a good place to eat?
So then as if by magic, in a shining beacon from God sort of way, in the shopping center across from mine stood the most glorious pub i know by name, PJ whelihans in all its in house brewed alcoholic glory
Right then and there it was no question where the fuck I was going. I zipped across and parked up in a nice spot, figured it was meant to be and proceeded to pack a bowl. Little did I know that sandals still had a tiny bit of really good shit leftover at the bottom, i packed some fresh green herb on top of it.
I blazed like a true pot head should, by myself and fearless to the world outside my goldfish bowl of a mini can. After getting ridiculously stoned, I went into PJ's and due to being high and a little unsure of myself, paces between a suspiciously vacant seat at the bar and the hostess counter to get a table. I must've looked stupid, especially when after i decided to give up on the only seat that look acceptable and went to the counter to get a little beeper thing, did i open my mouth to the hostess, then out of the corner of my eye see the surrounding crowd to my "maybe" of a vacant seat disperse, leaving no question of it's availability.
So I mumbled something incomprehensible and pointed retardedly at the bar and walked away leaving the hostess utterly confused. I sat at the bar and ordered the one thing I came in there for, hot and honey wings. And of course, the beer on special $2 bottles of bud
So I finished one beer waiting for my wings, and by the time they arrived, all the seats around my had become occupied. So as I began to chow down, the madness ensues. I'm high, and had I not been so, my self esteem and public manners would not have permitted the ravenous behavior that followed. I dug into those wings with a fury unknown to most mortals. It was great because even in a loud ass bar and restaurant full of ppl on a Friday night, I'm certain the ppl next to me could hear the slopping, drooling, bone sucking wing ownage, not to mention the groans of delight I would randomly let out. And if they couldn't, they could definitely see it.
It got to the point where everyone around me had turned away trying to ignore me, which I was totally ok with, slightly smirking on the inside. The bartender was great, even though I was only half done with a beer, she approached me in the middle of trying to swallow a giant piece of chicken, and asked if i'd like another. Like a caveman, I just grunted pointed, and finally spewed out the one word i could muster which was, "napkins." She smiled and grabbed me an extra plate with the necessary paper products on top, then asked again about the beer. I simply nodded and gave a thumbs up because I was already halfway into another wing. After the carnage was all over I chilled for a bit, paid and left a very happy boy. Not much more after that til you called. So, end of story

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Bus

I have spent years trying to figure out the transit system, and let me tell you this.. It's complicated.
So here is a post more so for my own convenience.


I find it most helpful to enter "Bus Transit" and desired city and state into
Then after that try to compare times from local areas and hope for the best..
Someone really needs to put together something that works all these systems together.. But at least they exist. I guess the less than $2 it costs to get from harrisburg to shippensburg is worth it, in the long run.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

fondest wish

But its really so unfair. You know how to taunt 
and tease me so badly and you like doing it so 
much. I can't help but to come after you. Its too 

Its my fondest wish to make you desire me like 
i do you. I want you to be so crazy about me 
that you wouldn't even be able to fathom 
wanting anything else.

Like to the point where you can't help yourself 
to keep your hands off me. Utterly transfixed 
and (to a noncreepy degree) obsessed with me 
getting close to you

I want to make you mind in a way that I've 
never felt or thought about. a way that far 
exceeds the traditional hormonal instincts and 
common social roleplay

I want to make you mine such you make me 
insane over and over again and i can do it right 
back to you effortlessly as you do

Only problem is - you can play me like a fiddle. 
And if you don't want it to happen, you won't 
let it. Ur too good for me

May i please keep you?

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Mike Long also known by his youtube fans as dipsetmothafucka is a very unique individual. He made a youtube video once a day for a year. In these videos he would dance to a song he had picked out. I've heard that one of the main reason he did this was because he wanted to open people up to different genre's and sounds. He was always a youtube favorite of mine. However one day after taking a long break from viewing his videos i came back to see his account no longer existed. I was basically heartbroken. So as a dedication to him i found his last video created for this lil experiment and decided to post it on here. #366. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

so you've cut your hair too short..

   so i cut my hair too short.. i don't even remember when it started. suddenly, i was standing in the bathroom with a pair of dulling yellow handled scissors. oh wait, that's right; i was going to trim my bangs.
   so first i cut my bangs "oh that looks cute." so that they fell just below my jaw line. then i cut the tips a bit "how bout we trim down here too". then a little more "ok, let's just even things up.", and a little more "this looks cool at an angle". somewhere along the line i noticed there sure was a good amount of hair on the sink; but i didn't really pay attention to it "oh no bangs are drying". then the final cut "there we go" and it was good "oh, i like this". so then i waited for it to dry some more, and i straightened it "oh this looks cute" took a few pictures.. and then headed down to bed.
   now it must've been sometime right before i got in bed. i decided to look at it once again in the mirror. i must've noticed some little piece that just wasn't quite right; because right then i noticed my smaller black handled scissors. "oh these cut nice"... about an hour later back in another bathroom i was cleaning up the fallen hair off the sink.

   so you've cut your hair too short.. i guess it happens to all the brave girls eventually. and even some of the stupid ones. but isn't the difference between bravery and stupidity really just a fine line? honestly, the main difference between the two is how the situation ends. you can panic (which i sure did the next morning). but then you've got to realize things aren't going to change. so work with it, because you are still the same beautiful girl. and if you add a few hair clips, some product, or maybe just ware it up for a few weeks, it can look planned. and if it looks like you meant it, it'll show you have enough confidence to do whatever you like with your hair (which sure is a fuck-ton of confidence). and with that confidence maybe you'll even start to like your new style. and others will like it to. of coarse there 's always the chance they liked it to begin with ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Only Time Can Tell

These past three days i have had time off from work for random reasons that really don't exist. And with this time I've come to re-realize something I've known for some time now. I can't stand being by myself for very long. For some odd reason i need constant social interaction. I've tried other means besides one-on-one such as texting, or social networking sites, but it only helps so much.
The more i think about it the more i realize it's not always just because I'm lonely or want someone to converse with, so much as it's that i don't like wasting time. I feel like i never see my friends. So when I'm free i want to shove in as much time to spend with them as i can. And when i can't i become severely disappointed.
I have said many times before it seems i have a fear of wasting my life, but maybe it's something else entirely? It seems i have some idea of how i want life to be, but i have no idea how to obtain it.. And that's probably due to the fact I'm not entirely sure what i want.
So the question is, how does one find out what they truly want in life? If you say i should spend time thinking it over i can tell you I've done plenty of that. But perhaps with more time it will reveal itself to me. So maybe i'll be able to stop worrying about wasting my life and actually do something about it.